Ms P Hatswell, Redbourn

“Jon adapted an original request to convert a garage into a downstairs loo and storage area. The change came about because the garage was on the sunny side of the house and so the end result was a room at the front with a deep window that matched exactly with the window on the first floor directly above. This room can be very versatile from a bedroom to a study and the back half of the garage contains a shower room – shower, loo and washbasin with storage access behind this room. The detail he gave to the builder enabled the job to be done to a high standard of finish and the comment from this customer is that the room is now so cosy and warm that it might become the favourite daytime place when the sun is shining! When we were deliberating at the beginning Jon was able to sketch and talk in very easy to understand terms whilst in the background he was noting fine details that we can only now appreciate with the job finished. Having seen a small part of his portfolio of work done in the local area I am impressed by the creative side he is able to indulge whilst working within the more tedious limitations of building controls and legislation. I can recommend him to others and look forward to hearing about his next projects. Will it be like the copper sided building in Oxford with copper trims running down the corners of the walls or will it be an extension with vast amounts of light tumbling through the windows? Whatever he decides to do your property will be enhanced.”