Party Walls

Not all building works require a Party Wall Notice. On an increasing scale neighbours are being approach directly by unscrupulous surveyors pro-porting that a Party Wall Award is required without any evidence sighting that the fees will be paid by the other party. No surveyor should be appointed on this basis.

Respect Neighbours

Design of the working drawings should always respect the neighbours property and minimise any potential risks.

Consult Neighbors

Regardless of the need for a Party Wall Notice or Award your neighbours should always be consulted and put at ease that the building works will be carried out in a safe manner for occupants and premises.

Legal Duties


It is a legal duty of the designer to advise of the need for a Party Wall Notice, the home owner has no legal duty to inform the neighbour. If not notified, and an Award was required, the neighbour can take out a legal injunction to cease building works until the Party Wall legal matter has been resolved. This will not just cost the home owner dearly but also cause an extensive delay on the project.