Party Wall Notice

Not all building works require a Party Wall Notice. On an increasing scale neighbours are being approach directly by unscrupulous surveyors pro-porting that a Party Wall Award is required without any evidence sighting that the fees will be paid by the other party. No surveyor should be appointed on this basis.


Draining and Sewage Checks

Lift manhole covers to assess whether or not a Building over Agreement is necessary. All drains that collect from neighbouring properties are automatically designated as a Public Sewer. This will involve a special application and approval from the Water Board if they are within 3m of the building works.

Watch for Trees!

Be wary of trees within 30m of your building works, not just in your garden but your neighbours, particularly if your sub soil is known to be clay. These can affect the design of the foundation and ground slab depending on the tree type, distance and height. Extra restrictions come into play if those trees are TPO’d (Tree Preservation Order).